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Cruise ship jobs

There are no jobs like cruise ship jobs!

No other job markets have been growing so rapidly in the past ten years as the cruise line jobs. Just for the last four years all leading cruise lines have doubled their fleets and number of employees. Many new cruise ship lines have emerged trying to get their share from the cruise market explosion. With all the cruise ships currently under construction the number of cruise lines work force worldwide is expected to triple by the year 2014. A cruise ship is a self-contained floating community that supplies pleasures and cervices for up to 3,000 passengers. There are a hundreds of jobs and skills required to keep a cruise ship operational.

   Working for a luxury cruise line offers numerous rewards, but the most common reasons for doing it are:

- you can not only earn, but save a substantial amount of money for a short period of time, all your expenses are taken care of by the cruise line (food, accommodation, medical care, airline ticket to the port of embarkation and back home, regardless which part of the world you live).

- citizens of certain countries do not have to pay taxes on the income they have earned at sea (U.S. citizens pay taxes if employed by U.S. based cruise line).

- travel in style around the world for free (even getting paid for it).

- getting away from a boring job, career or every day routine.

- discounted cruise rates for relatives and family members.

- cruise line jobs are the best form of travel jobs, since aboard a cruise ship in fact you will be working in many different countries and places instead of one. Other travel jobs can not offer you visits to such a variety of places, counties, climates and continents as cruise line jobs offer.

   While working for cruise lines you enjoy a wining combination - having a profitable and exciting job, cruise career, traveling all over the world and always following the sun and the good weather, meeting crew members, passengers and local people and in the same time saving substantial amount of money (since you do not have to pay for accommodation and food). Cruise line jobs are in fact so addictive, that many crew members find it quite difficult to live on land after completing a contract aboard a cruise ship. It feels kind of strange to eat in a restaurantand to pay the bill after when you've been doing it for free for months while working aboard a cruise ship. 

   Cruise lines hire staff all year round. They are looking for highly motivated, energetic, outgoing, friendly and professional employees with a positive attitude and strong commitment to customer service excellence. Contracts duration vary between 3 and 9 months and in most cases you have the option to extend the contract. It is quite likely that a job that you have worked in the past will give you enough experience to perform various cruise line jobs. Almost every hospitality related job or job that you worked with customers or clients should give you enough experience and a serious chance to get hired for a number of cruise
line job positions. Compared to other industries, cruise lines have a much higher employees turnover rate. Most people do not consider cruise line jobs as life-long cruise ship career, some crew members get promoted, change ships or cruise lines, go on vacation, return to school, or just settle down back on land. For that and many other reasons cruise lines are ALWAYS HIRING and looking for new personnel. There are cruise line jobs for just about everyone. Cruise lines hire applicants from almost every country in the world. Many entry-level positions are also available. Regardless of your nationality or previous employment experience there is a job for you aboard the hundreds of cruise ships operating worldwide.

   Whatever your reasons to look for jobs at sea and cruise line employment might be, enjoy this website and browse through the various sections, we believe that you will find the site resourceful and useful. We would appreciate your feedback, let us know what you think about any aspect of the website - design, navigation, content, our products (in case you order any) and our newsletter (in case you subscribe). We would particularly like to receive comments from current crew members about employment conditions and environment, changes of policies and new developments considering any cruise line, which we can share with our visitors. To send us an email, please CLICK HERE or use our postal address:

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Finally, we would like to thank all the former and present cruise lines employees, who have offered generously their expertise and have contributed to the creation of this CD-ROM guide and the website itself. Without their help, collecting such of enormous amount of information would not be possible.

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